Our Training Partners and Other Important Places

As I stated in the About Us page, the most influential person in my experience with dogs has been and continues to be, Andy Giegold.  Please visit his website to learn more about him and what he is doing with his dog s and their training.

In addition to Andy, there are several people that I train with regularly that you should also get to know.  First, Steve Lechleidner is one of my closest training partners.  Steve and I travel together to most hunt tests that we attend.  Please visit his website, too.

Another guy that I train with often and have gotten a couple of my pups from is Blake Lemish.  Blake is a great guy who is extremely knowledgeable about Labrador Retrievers and is very active in our sport.  He has a fabulous breeding program going and I recommend him as a breeder and a trainer.  Learn more about him at his website.

Also, if you plan on getting the most out of your dog fun, then the more people you can hang out with that have the same interests, the better.  Join a Retriever or Pointer club to really have some fun.  Please visit the club I belong to, Backwater Retriever Club, here in Indiana.  The link to their website is on the left.

Other places and people that I find important to know are also linked on the left.  Check them out!