Our Dogs

At this time we are primarily working with Gabby, Gus and Annie.  A new pup, Rose, recently joined us and will be getting in on the action soon.

Gabby and Annie are from Secret - Gabby's sire is FC-AFC Teddy's Ebonstar James (Jamie) and Annie's is Pineacre's Webfoot Winger MH (Winger).  These males have been extremely successful on the Field Trial or Hunt Test circuits and have proven offspring. These breedings have produced nice pups that are doing well competing, hunting and as companions.

Gus came to us from our friend, Blake Lemish.  He is a very nice dog and shows a lot of promise.  He is very even-keeled and seems to have the perfect blend (in my opinion) of drive and sensibility.  He has completed his Junior title and will begin running Senior hunt tests yet this summer.

Rose hails from Nevada and Al Wilson of Nebo Labs.  Rose is a ball of fire and was doing amazing (40 yards) puppy marks in the yard at 10 weeks old.  It looks like she is going to be a blast to work with and we are excited to see how far she will go.  Her training starts immediately!

Anja is our German Shorthair Pointer pup.  She takes over the bird hunting responsibility as we lost our Ruby in December of 2006. Andy Giegold has the training duties with Anja and he reports that she is doing well.  She earned her first Junior pass this summer and we hope for more to come.   We did take her along with us on our annual Iowa pheasant hunting trip, but that was just for experience.  I think she liked it though and we look forward to next year.

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