Our Training Approach

Working with the dogs is what I do when I'm not doing my "real" job.  If I have a day off I am either training, working on the kennel, trying to figure out who we are going to breed to or  working on this web site. 

You have to learn your dog's strengths and weaknesses and train to them.  The person who has fifteen dogs to get through in a short period of time may not always have that luxury.  That advantage also becomes a shortcoming -  I only have a couple of dogs to work with at a time so experience can be limited.  That's why working with others, i.e. training groups, is so beneficial.  So is the simple exchange of ideas that most all dog people do so much of.  It is from "dog talk" that so much is learned.

Call and share your ideas with us.  Or, better yet, come train with us!  We'd love to have you.